Bernie Sanders manages to torpedo Democrat healthcare ideas, including his own

After his lackluster debate performance, Sen. Bernie Sanders is trying to regain some momentum in the Democrat presidential sweepstakes.

Appearing on ABC’s ‘This Week’ with George Stephanopoulos, Sanders couldn’t explain how his Medicare for All scheme is actually going to work.

Feeling cornered by other Dems, he is now saying the “public option,” which is the healthcare Holy Grail for leftists, will be unaffordable.

“You talk about a public option, many people will not be able to afford a public option.”

This is after he admitted during Thursday night’s debate that he would, in fact, be raising taxes on middle-income Americans.

And, of course, he is among the Democrat candidates who say they are going to essentially wipe out the insurance industry with a snap of their fingers.

Sanders and other Democrats can’t even coherently explain their plans to have the government completely take over private health insurance, yet they want millions of Americans to trust them.

Not to mention they want to give healthcare to those who are here illegally.



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