Etika tweets anti-Semitic, homophobic messagesthen gets arrested

Two weeks after that sent much of Twitter into a panic, popular streamer Etika is trending nationally for an anti-Semitic tweet.

During an online rant that featured dozens and dozens of tweets on Monday morning, Etikawho has nearly 300,000 followers on Twitterwrote, Fuck the Jews. He has since deleted that tweet, but it was captured by screenshot nonetheless.

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    Among other tweets he produced Monday, Etika wrote a homophobic slur and intimated that hes immortal and a god.

    He also wrote messages like It’s too late to stop me. I can’t be deleted now. My roar now echoes in the hearts of man, and You tiny brained mortals always DID fear what you couldn’t comprehend. That’s why you all died in Bird Box, when you looked at me.

    The police apparently have responded, and Etika told officers that he makes a lot of porn.

    Eventually, police entered his home and detained him while he was streaming on Instagram Live.

    Its another strange act from the streamer whose real name is Daniel Desmond Amofah. Earlier this month, he tweeted a suicide message that read I am about to shoot myself in the forehead, with a pistol I purchased from a gun shop in long island. Bury me in [Brooklyn].

    That worried his fans on Twitter, particularly when his friend Alice Pika detailed his mindset before he was taken into police custody. As she wrote at the time, Please dont leave this conversation. Mental Health is critical. Dont bury your feelings. Look after your friends. Have compassion. Forgive yourself and others who hurt you. Heal from your past by confronting it. Trust those that love you.

    On Monday, Pika revealed that Etika had blocked her on Twitter.

    She wrote, I can’t help him anymore, guys. I tried my best and failed. He’s hurt and lied to me and everyone yet again. I have my own life to live. My heart is ready to love another person. I can’t, for my own sanity’s sake, continue to worry over him. He’s not going to ever hurt himself.