Fitness influencer shamed for sharing numbers in weight loss posts


A fitness and wellness influencer who says shed been tiptoeing around her feelings in fears of upsetting people finally shared a blog post about losing weightand her fans divided over her honest stances.

Today I woke up and decided that I needed to take back the life that I want to live, Cassey Ho wrote on her popular blog Blogilates on Aug. 16, introducing her 90-day challenge.

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You can view working out as a negative or positive thing. Your choice! Your body. Your life, she wrote later in the post. But understand thisjust because a woman wants to lose weight or change her body does not mean shes not body positive. Do you hear me?

Some fans were immediately supportive.

Girrrllll I am so with you on EVERY LAST WORD of that post!! commented one follower on HosInstagram postabout the blog.

Your body is beautiful. Your honesty is beautiful. Your gifts to the world are beautiful. Your emotions are also beautiful, wrote another.

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But she mainly received backlash, especially on Twitter, where people felt that sharing the numbers was contributing to the conversation about weight loss and body negativity.

With the society we live in that is fixated on dieting and body shaming, its just unfortunate that someone with her platform would share her numbers like that because it makes people think thats what they should weigh too even though their journey may be completely different, Twitter user @eresthemilk wrote.

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Some even suggested Ho herself was struggling with eating disorders, according to BuzzFeed. Hotold the news platform that while she was touched about their concern, she was disappointed.

Your words have so much power, so I would caution people to be careful what they say, because youre talking to someone real, she told BuzzFeed.

She also shared her feelings in the updates over the next few days of her challenge.

I appreciate your concern for meI really dobut telling someone they have a mental illness and that I need psychological help without EVEN KNOWING ME is uhhhow do I say thisREALLY IRRESPONSIBLE, MEAN AND OFFENSIVE. she wrote on her day-three post.

H/T BuzzFeed News

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