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Brace yourself, y’all… this is a lot to take in on a Friday morning! LOLz!

Kanye West sat down this week with Apple Music Beats 1 interviewer Zane Lowe for a marathon hours-long interview, and

The Jesus Is King artist talked, and talked… and talked, and talked… to Lowe about religion, music, sex, politics, and so much more during the wide-ranging discussion, which took place at Yeezy’s new ranch up in Cody, Wyoming.

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The whole thing is quintessentially Kanye — highfalutin, pretentious, aspirational, random, funny, and also kind of strange — and it’ll keep you on your toes with his ever-changing direction of thought. For example, at one point, he rhetorically asked Lowe, “Liberals love art, right?” He then immediately followed it up with this quote (below):

“And now, I am unquestionably, undoubtedly, the greatest human artist of all time. It’s not even a question at this point. It’s just a fact.”

Yeah… So that’s what we’re getting into here.

Ch-ch-check out the craziest highlights from the entire interview (below)!!!

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On Marriage & Modesty

Perhaps referencing his disagreement with wife Kim Kardashian West, which recently played out on KUWTK, the rapper shared he has new Christian ideals:

“A smart man has the ability to pivot to say I think something different now. I don’t think this because it’s the culture. I don’t think North [West] should wear crop tops just because I had her wearing a slip dress when she was 2-years-old. I think and feel differently now, now that I’m Christian, now that I’m founder of a 3 billion dollar organization and married for five years. What I have learned from five years of marriage is it is the greatest bond. It is a God bond to be able have someone that you can call on, someone you can call out, someone call you out, equally yolked, someone to complain to and someone to grow with as we grow and raise our children.”

On His Ongoing Feud With Drake

Kanye confessed he and Drake have had beef, but he never wanted it to be that way:

“God is funny. Drake literally lives four blocks down street from me. That shows God has a sense of humor ’cause we had a rivalry. You cannot be in service to God and be mad at your brother. I go to Drake’s house, walk over there with no security, ‘Here’s my phone number.’ I’m not trying to ring the door bell. He might be busy. I can’t stand with something on my spirit for more than a day. I can’t sleep on it. I have to express it. Me and Drake had the disagreement and he refused to talk to me for 6 months. That was so painful because expressing yourself is a form of therapy for people with mental health.”

On Moving to Wyoming

Or rather… his thoughts on Los Angeles and “trafficking”?? Yeah, we’re confused by these quotes, too:

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“[Los Angeles] feels a bit cramped for my mind. When you drove here you, you didn’t see a lot of extra noise. It was the road, and then just God. When you see all of the billboards, the traffic billboards, and when I say traffic, I’m talking about the billboards are actually sex trafficking, because if a guy is arguing with his girl, or going through something with his wife, and on one side of the street there’s a billboard for spirits, which is alcohol, and on the other side it’s, ‘call this number’ or it’s a picture of a woman on the billboard and says, ‘Come to this strip club.’ And he goes and he spends some money just to have someone to sit down and talk to him. And at the end of the night when they close up the club they say how much traffic did we have? So there’s all different layers to trafficking.”

On His Sex Addiction

Candidly addressing where it started, he admitted:

“Like for me Playboy was my gateway into full on pornography addiction. My dad had a Playboy left out at age five and it’s affected almost every choice I made for the rest of my life. From age five til now, having to kick the habit and it just presents itself in the open like it’s ok and I stand up and say, ‘No, it’s not ok.’ I think when people have been addicted to something like, if you ask somebody that’s a drug addict it’s like you say, ‘Are you still addicted?’ Well yeah, you turn it off actually. It’s like, with God I’ve been able to beat things that had a full control of me. You know that Playboy that I found when I was 5-years-old was written all over the moment when I was at the MTV Awards with the Timberlands, the Balmain jeans, before people was rocking Balmain jeans, and the Hennessy bottle. It’s like that was such a script out of a rockstar’s life. My mom had passed a year before and I said some people drown themselves in drugs. And I drowned myself in my addiction [to sex].”

“You know, I was’t just addicted to sex, I was addicted to inspiration but there’s only one… What I meant by being addicted to inspiration — the sex could be an inspiration but also just a design image. You know, a jacket that I wanted to design, a car image, a house image. I was addicted to these kind of images that were coming across. You know, there’d be people who say ‘architecture is my porn.’ People can be addicted to architecture. A big big addiction is work. Workaholics and what about men and women that say, ‘I’m working this job so hard to make a better life for my kids,’ and they look up and they hadn’t spent their life with their kids?”

On Being Hospitalized

While not going into too much detail, he did confirm there was an “episode” which followed KKW’s terrifying Paris robbery:

“My wife got robbed in Paris. Next thing you know I’m in hospital and I have to wear that for the rest of my life as a badge of honor like, don’t treat me like celebrity always remember that I’m human being first. One of the things that happened when I went to the hospital is I started reading the Bible. As I started reading the Bible, copying and writing out Bible verses and a person came to house that wasn’t a Christian and told me to come over and then 30 minutes later I was in handcuffs headed to the hospital. Now, this person very much well could have saved my life cause when you are in an episode you can jump off a balcony, stab your eye out, you can do a lot of things when you are ramped up like that.”


That’s a lot to take in, isn’t it?

In case you needed any more from ‘Ye today… here’s the full one hour and 54-minute interview, caught entirely on camera in all of its glory (below):


What are your immediate reactions to ALL of this, Perezcious readers — what most resonates with you from everything Yeezy said in this interview? What’s the big takeaway here??

Sound OFF about all of it in the comments (below)…

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