Men Who Send Unsolicited Dick Pics Are Usually Narcissistic and Sexist, Study Confirms

New research reveals that there are only two types of men who send unsolicited pictures of their genitalia to women: those that are narcissistic and sexist, and those that literally have a dick for a face.

Of the 1,087 men who took part in the study, none fell into the latter category, yet 48 percent admitted to having previously sent unrequested dick pics to women.

Publishing their findings in The Journal of Sex Research, the study authors used a series of questionnaires to evaluate participants’ personality traits, and found that “men who sent dick pics reported higher levels of narcissism as well as ambivalent and hostile sexism.”

Narcissists tend to have an excessive admiration for themselves, often believing they are better than others or becoming self-obsessed.

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Experts at giving people nasty little surprises, many of the dick pic senders remained true to form when revealing the shocking motivations for their phallic intrusions, with 15 percent saying they did so to elicit fear in recipients, and 8 percent hoping to evoke a sense of shame.

A number of participants selected misogyny and control as their main motivations, with some endorsing statements like “I feel a sense of dislike toward women and sending dick pics is satisfying,” or “sending dick pics gives me a feeling of control over the person that I have sent it to.”

On the whole, however, dick pic senders were found to be totally deluded regarding the value and appeal of their apparatus, as the vast majority believed that the pictures would inspire positive feelings among recipients.

A ridiculous 82 percent of those who sent snaps of their penises said they did so in order to sexually excite women, while 50 percent hoped that receiving a picture of their junk would make a woman feel attractive.

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Almost 45 percent sent the photos with what the study authors call a “transactional mindset”, meaning they hoped that their offering would be reciprocated in some way. Most expected to receive sexy pictures in return, although some clueless optimists claimed to engage in online flashing as a way of getting women to sleep with them.

Perhaps surprisingly, less than one-fifth said they sent dick pics for their own sexual excitement or satisfaction. The researchers therefore conclude that, contrary to popular opinion, it is rarely a man’s uncontrollable libido that compels him to take a camera to his crotch.

Instead, it seems that most men who engage in this behavior simply don’t trust their face to make the right impression, and feel that their todger has a better shot.

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