People are sharing how serving in the military has ruined their lives with #WhyIServe

A hashtag started by the U.S. Army to illustrate how serving in the military has changed peoples lives for the better, has backfired into a thread about how its ruined people’s lives.

The U.S. Army shared a video of Private First Class Nathan Spencer on Thursday, just ahead of Memorial Day weekend.

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    The Army supported me the opportunity to do just that, to give to others and protect the ones I love and to better myself as a man and a lawyer, Spencer says in the video.

    How has serving impacted you? the U.S. Army asked in a follow-up tweet.

    While Spencers post was likely supposed to inspire others to share similar stories, it spiraled into a rather morbidthread about the numerous ways serving in the military hasentirely changed peoples livesand not for the better.

    There were stories about addiction among veterans.

    The most common accounts were of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and mental health trauma among people who had served in the military.