‘Too many’ young in mental health hospitals

Research shows a clear need to “focus on children’s journeys before they are admitted into inpatient care”, the report says, but often this is not happening. “Children, families and staff working in this area spoke again and again about how the failure to provide appropriate support to children when they are in school and living in the community, and particularly when they reach a crisis point, has contributed to inappropriate hospital admissions and delayed discharges,” it says. Child mental health ‘postcode lottery’ Is young people’s mental health getting worse? The review says there were 250 children identified as having a learning disability or autism in mental health hospitals in England in February 2019, compared with 110 in March 2015. According …

‘My parents might have aborted me’

“My mum had a really open conversation with me even when I was quite young, and she said they probably would of terminated the pregnancy if they’d known.” Baroness Grey-Thompson added that people were “shocked” by this but she values her parents’ honesty. But she said that operations like the one carried out to repair the spine of Sherrie Sharp’s son Jaxson might not mean everything is “done and dusted”, as people can become disabled later in life. Related Topics Youth and disability Spina bifida Disability Pregnancy Cardiff Abortion Original Article : HERE ; The Ultimate Survival Food: The Lost Ways

What’s the secret of life satisfaction?

Its analysis found that age also mattered: the young have higher life satisfaction than those in their 40s but life satisfaction rises again in later years, before falling again for those in their 80s. Higher income boost Living circumstances were also important. Those who own their homes or have mortgages rate their life satisfaction more highly than those in private and social rented housing. Households with dependent children were also more likely to be satisfied than those without, the ONS found. But while spending is more important than income, households with an income of between £24,000 and £44,000 would feel more satisfied if their income increased, the ONS found. The ONS, which is looking beyond the official GDP gauge to …

William reveals mental health pressures

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionThe Duke of Cambridge says he felt “pain like no other pain” after the loss of Princess Diana The Duke of Cambridge has said he felt “pain like no other pain” after the death of his mother, Princess Diana. Prince William made the disclosure in a BBC TV documentary about mental health. He said the “British stiff upper lip thing” had its place when times were hard, but people also needed “to relax a little bit and be able to talk about our emotions because we’re not robots”. William also spoke of how working as an air ambulance pilot left him feeling that death was “just around the door”. He said dealing …

Cleaner trapped in lift for two days

‘Stressful ordeal’ A spokesman said: “KCC and Kier have launched an immediate investigation into the events, which is currently progressing. “We are unable to comment further until the investigation is complete. “We are assured that Kier is providing support to the individual for what must have been a stressful ordeal.” The council said it would be working with Kier to ensure “any lessons are learnt from the incident”. The Health and Safety Executive has been made aware. You may also be interested in: Crane topples on to house roof Benali reaches £1m fundraising goal ‘My university doesn’t have enough money’