Here Are the Questions a Shrink Would Have Asked Mueller

WeThe Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 37 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President. We published the book not because of political leanings but because of our genuine concern for public health and safety. Our analysis of the Mueller report, based on sworn testimonies of his closest associates, proves that we had real reason for concern. Our how the president was unfit from each of their perspectives. Our analysis of the Mueller Report explains why: A person without mental capacity lacks the basic requirement for legal, political, military, or presidential capacity. To educate the public, we held Original Article : HERE ; The Ultimate Survival Food: The Lost Ways

Trump Admins Pro-Women Human Rights Panel Stacked With Anti-Abortion Figures

A new Trump administration commission on human rights will be filled with anti-abortion advocates, including a former ambassador to the Holy See who declared that abortion is related to the coarsening of the social fabric. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the creation of the Commission on Unalienable Rights last week in a Amnesty International, who worried the commission would seek to limit the scope of human rights domestically and abroad. And while the State Department claims the group will not discuss abortion, the conservative makeup of the commission has reproductive rights advocates on edge. Appointing these ideologues to a commission purporting to safeguard human rights will have the opposite effect and will endanger the health and well-being of countless …

Whitey Bulger Wrote Letters Praising Trump to a Juror Who Convicted Him

Just months before he was released to a halfway house after being convicted of harboring a fugitive when she hid him while he was a fugitive. My No. 1 interest is Catherines health and freedomhurts to see her here and stoic, Bulger wrote. Catherine love of my life. We loved these beautiful creatureshad a humbling effect on me. Made me feel and in our 16 years on the run Catherine did for me what the police beatings, prisons couldntkept me Crime free for 16 years and Happiest of our lives. Original Article : HERE ; The Ultimate Survival Food: The Lost Ways

Trumps Obamacare Replacement Push Has Been Totally Abandoned

Back in March, President Donald Trump tasked a trio of Republican senators with crafting a beautiful new bill that would, once and for all, replace Obamacare with something else. At the time, those lawmakersSens. Rick Scott (R-FL), John Barrasso (R-WY), and Bill Cassidy (R-LA)didnt exactly embrace the effort with open arms. But they didnt dismiss it out of hand either, declaring theyd work with the White House on a number of health-care initiatives. Three months later, its clear that replacing the Affordable Care Act could not be further from GOP senators list of top priorities. In brief interviews with The Daily Beast on Wednesday, the senators that Trump publicly tasked with finally nuking Obamacare were glad to talk about anything …

Letterman Confronts Kanye: Supporting Trump Hurts People

Oh God, Im scared, David Letterman says. Hes pacing backstage before his interview kicked off with President Barack Obama, but Letterman seems genuinely more nervous about sitting down with Kanye. The hour-long conversation that followsthis episode and four others all start streaming next Friday, May 31is not only one of the best interviews Letterman has ever conducted, its also one of the most coherent and engaging interviews Kanye has ever given, even if it does go off the rails at times. Over the course of the episode, the two men cover many subjects including music, fashion and Kanyes relationships with his mother, who passed more than a decade ago, and his father, who is still alive. Throughout the episode, Kim …