The internet is enraged by this toddler’s DIY medical walker


A 2-year-old, named Logan Moore, from Georgia went viral for having a walker built for him by his local Home Depot. Many didn’t find the story cute and instead pointed out the massive disparities in the U.S. healthcare system.

Moore has low muscle tone, known as hypotonia, and his parents were unsure if their insurance would cover a walker for their son, so they turned to Home Depot out of desperation.

One of the employees, Jeffrey Anderson, helped the family search for parts and ended up building Moore the walker.

Even better? It was given to Moore for free. Anderson wrote about the experience on Facebook.

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Everyone was crying to see Logan walk around with the biggest smile on his face, Anderson wrote. Thank to all that help and for being a blessing to this family and to this little guy.

So today a lady and her mother and husband came in telling us that the insurance company may or may not pay for their…

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Once the news hit Twitter, people were less than impressed. In fact, they were fuming.

Many were upset the family had to depend on Home Depot for medical care. The story reinforced the idea that healthcare in the U.S. has become a luxury in which many people are unable to afford the basics in order to survive.

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Rep. Seth Moulton(D-Mass.) also weighed in and tweeted that he was horrified the employees had to do this.

Updated reports claim that Moore will be getting a real walker after all.

This has not stopped Twitter from making comments on why the young boy was unable to afford one in the first place and how insurance companies the U.S. remain the gatekeepers for survival.

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